Monday, April 27, 2009

Installation Week Two

Installation Week Two

We had a power outage on Friday and accompanying computer issues. Needless to say, we couldn’t post on our regular schedule.

Installation progress made last week was minimal because we were focused on proofreading the final copy that’s been set and ready to send to the printer. This was our last chance to catch a pesky typo, review credit lines, and check object numbers. At this writing, everything has been returned to the designer. The print part of the furniture exhibit is now in final production mode.

In the meantime, the carpenter brought in the first of the platforms. We are thrilled with their design and finish. And we are looking forward to seeing the others as they are delivered.

Also the A/V installer has been working in the gallery, wiring the locations for the video feeds that will come from DVD players in a locked closet. We expect this to reduce the sort of petty vandalism that most museums suffer. For many years museums locked the video output devices in kiosks that had to be monitored individually. More and more, museums are choosing centralized video output in order to reduce the time staff spends managing individual stations and to add another layer of security for the equipment.

Stay tuned for more excitement. We are working towards May 5 as our big move-in day, which means lots of background projects will have to be accomplished this week.

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