Monday, May 4, 2009

Installation Week Three

Installation Week Three

Last week was relatively quiet as far as installation goes, although we were still busy with the last bits of proof reading and with getting ready for our opening celebration. More platforms arrived.

The faux painter changed the look of the loading-dock door, which will be background for the factory portion of our exhibition. At larger museums, the loading dock is separated from galleries. For smaller buildings we often have to contend with backstage functions imposing on the front of the house. Most museums with this problem would want to hide their loading dock door during exhibitions with some kind of baffle, but we decided to embrace ours as factory ambiance for the large machinery. Everyone is excited by the transformation of the door. The faux painter is now getting ready to create our brick wall.

Some of the flat-screen TV monitors were installed last week as well. Right now they look vacant to be sure, but we have already produced the videos that will be shown on them. We could tell you what the videos are about, but that would spoil the surprises. Each has been specially themed to the place where it will appear in the exhibition.

In the exhibition development process, we try to think about the many ways we can connect with visitors through their senses. All exhibits engage sight to some extent, and for many art exhibits that is the primary way for visitors to understand the material on view. History exhibits are a bit different in that visitors want to be able to travel back in time. Engaging the senses is a good way to help that happen. The videos will titillate sight and sound at the same time. We have also introduced smells and ambient sounds, and we will give visitors many opportunities to engage their sense of touch. We have not addressed taste on its own, although the smells might be strong enough to taste.

Events are moving fast in week four already, but I’ll wait until Friday to fill you in. Thanks for visiting.

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the dissentiingVOICE said...

If it were possible to capture a smell then the occaisional odor of solvent or paints wafting over Nathan Hunt drive from Marsh Cabinets would be just the thing for your exhibit I think.