Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Installation Weeks Five and Six

Installation Weeks Five and Six: Slowly, But Surely

We have been so busy the past two weeks that we had no time to blog. We will try to remedy that today by catching up.

As before, many activities were going on outside the museum rather than in the gallery during Week Five. All the graphic pieces of the exhibit – text panels, labels, prints, photographs – were produced at a special graphics production house. This material was delivered all at one time. In addition, our carpenter was working on platforms and cases in his own workshop. They will be brought in over a ten-day period during weeks five and six. Most came in finished, but one or two came in parts that needed to be assembled on site.

Monday, May 18, was exciting, because all the graphic pieces came in from the printer. Also our designer was on site to oversee and instruct the exhibit installers about where to hang everything. See her at left. She is on the phone and cutting mats at the same time.

And the installers were right on it. Things started going up on the walls very quickly. In fact, the gallery was a beehive of activity.

The progress was astounding. The exhibit we have labored over on paper went from its usual two-dimensional form to three dimensions. We can walk through it rather than just read through it. We are happy with the results. Here, the carpenter's assistants are moving in the pieces that will be used to erect a beautiful case to hold upholstered chairs:

Here is the case when finished:

You can see why we are happy. We only wish we had enough time to accomplish everything before the big opening on May 26.

Weeks Five and Six also mark the beginning of steady publicity activities. The opening of the exhibit has been announced in some print publications that have long lead times. Now we are working with the short-term media – radio and television – getting on the local radio morning shows, doing early-morning remotes for the local tv stations, and getting noticed by the newspapers. All this took a lot of planning by our community relations director.


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